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"Cynthia Brian is an inspiration
to me as a mother, author, and woman.
Despite her incredible achievement as an
actor, certified interior designer, media
show host, best-selling author, and more,
she has remained down- to-earth and
dedicated to helping others. Cynthia is
an angel on Earth.
Christine Louise Hohlbaum
Author of Diary of a Mother

Starstyle - Live Your Dreams!
A TV series with heart, vision, passion and inspiration.

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Starstyle - Live Your Dreams! celebrates the accomplishments, trials, choices and ordeals of people who have had the special courage to risk all in the pursuit of their dreams. Hosted by the effervescent Cynthia Brian, who brings more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment business to the show, viewers learn the secrets of true human success and happiness from the journeys traveled by real life trailblazers.

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