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StarStyle - Live Your Dreams

Saw your show for the first time and it is beautiful, inspiring. It reminded me that I am priveleged to be living my dreams, and I am filled with a sense of gratitude for this wonderful blessing. I applaud you for your vision and agree with you wholeheartedly that there is enough abundance for everyone. Each person must have the courage to live his/her dreams. You are touching many lives with your love. Congratulations!

Ruth Fisher, Homemaker, Wife, Mother

The team of Starstyle - Live Your Dreams with Cynthia at the lead is an impressive production from beginning to end... It is certainly one of the best television shows that will have a lasting postive memory for me. Thank you.

Dr. Jerri Curry, Children's Advocate

We just love, love, love the angels that surround you, your crew, and all of us when we follow our hearts and our dreams. Thank you so much.

Craig Chaquico, Musician

It is so important to have positive programming available on TV, and your Starstyle is right in tune with that vision. As mentors, as role models, and as individuals who can emposer others by the simple fact of their success in creating a better life for themselves and others, your guests present content that I don't recall seeing anywhere else. Your ability to be so "present" with each of your varied guests really makes each interview a special occasion. I wish your program was available through my cable company.

Steven Halpern, Composer

Your energy, enthusiam, vision, and integrity are so much needed in today's programming for TV. We are so glad you are out there touching lives and sharing the abundance of life-helping others to awaken to their own gifts. You obviously go for the gusto all the way down the line and NEVER settle for seconds. No dream too great...you are living it and helping others to do the same. BRAVO!

Ali Miner, Visionary Artist
Al MacDaniel, Test Pilot

I have been on television shows all across the country and believe me, this is definitely the BEST! Thank you.

David Clark, Make-up Artist

Starstyle - Live Your Dreams is a powerful, inspiring, and uplifting television series! I absolutely love the show and the concept of sharing our joyous lives with one another! Starstyle is destined to rise to stardom.

Christina Taliaferro, Creator of Angel Dreams

This unique show, Starstyle - Live Your Dreams, and its hostess, Cynthia Brian, make a monumental difference to millions of lives. To watch and to listen to people who live their dreams and know they touch and spark the souls of people they come into contact with on a daily basis is wonderful and inspiring. Then, when it is televisied..WOW...it begins to be shared globally. When people do what they love, the love spreads. Hope happens. People are empowered. Together, let's inspire the world.

Judy Hall, Healing Artist

I thank you for the gifts, the smiles, the laughter, and the true romance you, Cynthia, have with all of life. You are truly the type of person many people need in their lives. Think big! This is the land of inspiration...we share it with you. Keep dancing as if no one is looking!

Suzy Scully, Sierra Mountain Doggie Camp

Cynthia Brian is an angelic being spreading love and light on all of those she comes in contact with. She has a gift for helping people believe in themselves and follow their dreams.

Bonny Eiffert, Stars, the Agency

Your program strikes me as absolutely perfect for Americans in this very confusing time. I believe people need strong messages of hope encouragement and inspiritation and your program offers that. I commend you for doing your part to offer something other than mediocrity and/or violence to the viewers.

Laura Chenel, Chevre Cheesemaker

You are a dynamo and I look forward to working together for the betterment of our communities and the future.

Elaine Taylor, Taylor Family Foundation

To allow people with a dream to have a voice and to share it is an opportunity that is rare in today's world. I know that your father watches over you. Within you is the precious light that you are.

Christina Monterstelli, Healer and Poet

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on StarStyle. I AM living my dreams and you are a part of them. A thank you begins in the heart...

Patrick Reynolds, Still Photographer

I look forward to the day when your program is broadcast in every home. You are wonderful person whose action reflects your beliefs.

Beth Soloway, Movie Producer

StarStyle - Live Your Dreams revelas the vast difference between a job or career and a soul mission. People who live their inner dreams live their deep purpose. Cynthia Brian gives voice to these people of vision.... to reinspire others. Thank you, Cynthia, and thank you, StarStyle staff and crew.

Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah, Multimedia Artist

It's about time that someone took the time to put a positive message on television. Cynthia Brian's team is positive, professional and polished. Her program is destined to succeed.

Bob Cranston, The Wine Authority

You are doing a great job! Your show is going to the top of the charts. Cynthia is the Goddess of the stars!

Pam Dore, Graphic Artist

Your joy, your generosity, your heart, and your energy are absolutely infectious! Your show is a marvelous gift to the globe.

Pat Phillips, Take Note

I am totally blown out by the inspirational mission that Cynthia Brian has embarked on. Through her show, she is bringing the success stories and miraclces of people's lives to audiences with the intent to empower. This is such a rare and precious thing in this world, especially in the world of TV, that I have to applaud. It was an honor to be asked to beon StarStyle, and a real pleasure meeting Cynthia.

Todd Kurtzman, Animator

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