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Business of Show Business Theme by Frankie Laine


"Want to be an actor, but don't know how to break into the business with the right approach? You can't go wrong with-and shouldn't go without-Cynthia Brian's The Business of Show Business: A Comprehensive Career Guide for Actors and Models. The author has a background in producing, directing, acting, hosting, and consulting, and has coached kids and adults alike. From learning what kinds of jobs are out there to learning about agents, auditioning, rules for child actors, and working on the side, this is the "insiders" guide to the industry which should be in the hands and on the minds of any aspiring model or actor before they compete in the show business world." 
James A Cox
The Midwest Book Review

On TV Cynthia Pix Hello and welcome to our educational series, Starstyle™ The Business of Showbusiness. My name is Cynthia Brian and I will be your guide through the turns and twists that we call the entertainment business.
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You've Got Photos, Now What?
Kids' Agents
Classes, Coaching, and Auditions
Casting Directors
Stunts and Stage Combat
Voice Overs
Managers and Teen Actors
Make Up and Hair
Protecting Our Children
Unions - SAG & AFTRA
Tools of the Trade

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I know this industry, I have been a professional part of it for over 25 years as an actor, model, writer, producer, director, designer, coach, and consultant. And business is the key word here...

In this series you will learn from the experts how to get going and stay going while avoiding the scams. Everything you ever wanted to know about the entertainment industry but didn’t know who ask...right here on your television screen.

So grab your director's chair, pull out your notebook, and get ready for The Business of Showbusiness.

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